Hot Oil Units & Hot Oil Services

With the many inherent challenges that are common to most oilfield operations, such as halts in production due to line blockages or pressure fluctuations, it’s imperative to have a contingency plan in place to address any issues as they occur. For instance, when an oilfield’s oil line becomes clogged/obstructed by debris or heavy organic build-up (paraffin), it’s essential to clear these areas via hot oil unit treatment as soon as possible. This alleviates as much ‘down time’ between the harvesting, pumping, and extraction phases of an oilfield’s operation.

Common Causes For Line Bloackages In An Oilfield

In the event that one or more of an oilfield’s gas/oil lines become blocked, clogged, or otherwise obstructed, the likeliest culprit would be the always-present & rarely-welcomed presence of the ‘large organic’, paraffin. By and large, the insinuation (or byproduct) of paraffin is not necessarily a huge cause for concern seeing as paraffin is a naturally-occurring, heavy organic that is found in nearly all forms of crude/impure oil.

How To Correct Line Blockage(s) During An Oilfield

If the production of an oilfield has been halted, compromised, delayed, or rendered outright stagnant because of a blockage in the line(s), then chances are it’s well past time to enlist the expertise of a reputable oilfield service provider with noted experience in the use & application of hot oil unit(s). Specifically designed to loosen, break-up, and ultimately clear blockages caused by an overabundance of paraffin, a hot oil unit can be a veritable saving grace when the production is inhibited/hindered in the line(s) of an active oilfield. By administering & rapidly circulating a heat-treated fluid/liquid throughout the many lines, pipes, tubes, tanks, and casing systems that support an oilfield, a hot oil rig is able to disperse & dispose of accumulated paraffin deposits quickly, efficiently, and with minimal delays in production.

Experience Is Essential & Adaptability Is Advantageous

Considering the multitude of challenges and potential pitfalls that are commonplace to most hot oil-related projects, such as oil seepage into the formation lines of the oilfield’s entry-point or pressure spikes during extraction, it makes perfect sense to commission the expertise of an experienced hot oil unit operations team. While investing in quality coverage/services during the initial stages of an oilfield project can definitely cost more in the beginning, it’s worth remembering that the peace of mind & overall oilfield operations efficiency is well worth the investment.

Where Our Hot Oil Unit Teams Are Effective

To that effect, our company boasts over four decades of oilfield experience that dates even further back than the ‘boom’ to the oilfield services & operations industry back in the late 1980s. Whether our oilfield service specialists are tasked with locating gas/oil deposits & mapping a line formation for drilling or if we are responsible for clearing the lines of an already-established oilfield, you can rely on the aptitude, efficacy, and overall experience of our in-house oilfield service experts.

Frac Heating Services

Due to the tremendous advances to the oil & gas industry here in the Midwest via the form of hydraulic fracturing, the processes and procedures surrounding the locating and extraction of natural gas, oil, and fossil fuels from local shale basins has evolved to follow suit.

An Industry Experiencing A Revolution

One noteworthy example is the implementation of a heat-treated, liquid-based concoction of water, sand (proppants), and other fracking chemicals such as methanol, acids, salts, condensed gases, carbonates, foam, and/or fracking gel into the fracking process. This allows the hydraulic fracking system of the oilfield operation to overcome the immense pressure already bearing down upon the subterranean shell deposits and effectively fissure/fracture the shale. Doing so allows the oilfield’s hydraulic fracking system to reach the shale’s fracture gradient and thus affords the opportunity to extract/harvest the subsequent shale byproducts of gas, oil, and fossil fuels.

Choosing D & M Oilfield Services Is Choosing Wisely

It is worth noting that the process of frac heating during a hydraulic fracturing program is an intricate, arduous process that requires years of experience to effectively master and is best left to professional fracking talent with a proven track record of successfully managed frac heating enterprises. Having said that, our company, D & M Oil Field Services, has enjoyed nearly half of a century of successfully concluded oilfield-based projects, including (but certainly not limited to) frac heating during a hydraulic fracking operation.

Quality Management Is Integral To Any Oilfield Operation

We appreciate the need for efficiency and overall optimization during the various stages of hydraulic fracturing; from the importance of adequately heat-treating a fracking ‘slurry’ to assist with fracturing/fissuring shale deposits to the necessity of resource conservation & consumption management during the many phases of hydraulic fracking. When one considers the multitude of variables that are common to even the smallest-scale oilfield, it’s easy to see why there’s actually an entire industry dedicated to managing the operations of an oilfield.

How Our Frac Heating Specialists Are Raising The Standard

Moreover, during our tenure as one of the Midwest’s leading oilfield service providers, we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to not only learn but perfect the finer aspects of hydraulic fracking & frac heating. Such as minimizing/reducing needless consumption of water and other fracking fluid components (carbonates, proppants, salts, gels, and acids) by maintaining optimal temperature, pressure, and lubrication during the fracturing process. Please contact us directly for additional information, scheduling, or service-availability.

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